maanantai 2. tammikuuta 2012

Viikon kuva 2011 -projektin satoa

11/52 Behind the iceBars1/52 Lonely Tree2/52 Hanging On3/52 Red & Blue4/52 I'll Cover You5/52 Foliage
6/52 Bling, Bling7/52 Sunset8/52 Bottle of Fire9/52 Sleeping10/52 Smooth Water12/52 Dark Clouds
13/52 Reflection14/52 It'll Be Summer Soon15/52 Pussy Willow16/52 The Chase17/52 Anemone Hepatica18/52 Like Liquid Metal
19/52 Ready to Catch20/52 Asleep21/52 Paddler22/52 Chaffinch23/52 I'll Manage24/52 Raindrops

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Weekly Photo 2011

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